We automate market validation

For enterpreneurs

Get access to market research tools that are usually only available to large corporations.

For investors

Evaluate startup ideas based on an authoritative benchmark to make smart investments.

For companies

Compare new product ideas. Receive results up to 10x faster and cheaper.

How it works

Draft your idea

Simply enter your idea. We deal with generating a professional, scientifically validated questionnaire from your product idea.

Your target group

We ask the potential users of your idea, based on demographics and other criteria. You receive balanced and impartial results.

We interpret the results

In a matter of hours, you receive an intelligent dashboard with an assessment of your idea, including actual user comments and feedback.

Companies are moving towards greater granularity in their understanding of customers. Based on people’s digital identities, businesses are able to develop ongoing, personalized relationships in order to deliver rich, individualized products and services.

We help you with

Generating more leads & drive revenue

Growing your business

Creating loyalty

Insights with augmented inteligence

Forging emotional bonds

Award your customers with gamification (e.g. AR app)

Customer retention

Lead generation and management


A/B testing


Triggers / conversion points

Customer engangement

Mobile marketing

Omni channel marketing

Reinforcing customer relationship

We help you identify trends among your customers and deliver actionable insights to help you connect with customers at new touchpoints. Understanding their behavior in enough depth to capitalize on momentary markets is our goal in personalization and individualization of products and services.

With AI-driven profiling, we help you by providing a clear picture of customer behaviour across all channels. We help you to meet consumers’ needs at the speed of now.

You will be able to give personalized recommendations and satisfy ever-increasing levels of customer needs with adaptable and reconfigurable products and services.