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We are thinkers, visionaries, doers. We are problemsolvers, who can be parachuted into a challenging area. We think out of the box and amplify what is possible. We know that any change a company makes can be as dangerous as an open heart surgery. Our goal is to carry out sustainable & bold projects together with our clients.


Simplify - Improve business & IT agility to reduce time-to-market

Reduce costs, risks – Embrace OTS when possible

Standardise - Align to best practice processes and core technology


Enhance productivity, accountability

Introduce new services


Speed up your company IT's transformation while ensuring business continuity.

Increase agility and flexibility for future business consistency.

Increase your competitive advantage by improving customer interfaces.

Ensure a smoother transition by understanding resistance to introduction of new technology.

Reduce implementation risk by introducing Off-The-Shelf functionality options.

Reduce project risk by managing financing and feature expectations through clear & deliverable planning and scoping.

Ensure top level management buy-in through benefit / risk / cost analysis.

We discover

Current Application Logical Architecture

Current Information Technical Infrastructure

Current Application Functional Coverage

List of main existing Pain Points

We plan

Prioritised list of business areas that lack coverage incl. benefit analysis

Prioritised list of opportunities to enhance business capabilities

Functional Road Map (evolutionary or alternative scenario) incl. recommended scope for first step