Enterprise project planning and management
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The networks

Rockwood Networks is an interdisciplinary management consulting corporation.

We can contribute to your business development creating innovative digital products.

We do understand business and help you set up KPIs and enhance your business through aligned workflows and new, tailored made processes.

Our passion is to make dreams come true and we excel at it.

Our goal is to provide world class human experience and help organizations to evolve and anticipate the future.


We listen closely what you say and what your idea is. We consider every detail for the ideal approach. Safe processes and careful project monitoring guarantee reliability and longevity for all of your products. That’s what we call successful project management. Long-term reliability. We are committed and focused to your needs.

Our value proposition

We are focused

We are committed to providing as good performance as possible.


We take business very serious and we take responsibility.

Experience and expertise

Our colleagues have a lot of individual experience(20+ years of some ) and we work together excellently as a team. We have been chosen and trusted globally.


We have our own methodology, which is mainly agile, but we adapt to special circumstances if required, based on the client’s needs.

Highly skilled workforce

Our exceptional and motivated experts deliver high performance every day.

Commitment to innovation

We run internal R&D projects in blockchain, emobility and other areas and we deliver the latest technogies to our partners and clients.

In-house services

We have a huge amount of services what we can offer to make everyones’ lives easier. We have CRM, ERP, call center, mailing services and many others. We happily provide all our knowledge and systems to our partners and clients to enhance and reinforce their businesses.

Our values

Discipline, focuse, integrity.

Let’s talk

Let us know your dream project so we can help make it a reality!

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We are keen on bringing self motivated, bright people on board jump on to work in a unique environment!

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